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Bare Metal Hosting From CloudAsia

Host your website with a high-performance bare metal server brought to you by CloudAsia. Discover unparalleled power and take advantage of optimum security, reliability, and website hosting with 99.99% uptime. Since we are able to offer bare metal hosting on our dedicated infrastructure that is completely tailored to your unique business needs, feel free to contact our team at CloudAsia today for a custom quote.

Bare metal hosting

What Is Bare Metal Hosting?

Unlike other types of website hosting solutions, a bare metal server is a physical server that provides one client with high performance, security, and reliability. Sometimes known as a single-tenant physical server or managed dedicated serves, this is the best choice if you’re looking for exclusivity when it comes to website hosting. Use bare metal hosting alongside a dedicated data center, and take your online business to the next level.

Benefits Of Bare Metal Servers

One of the main benefits of using a bare metal server is that you can physically isolate and protect your data, key resources, and performance-sensitive applications. This makes this type of website hosting ideal for those dealing with customer data and highly sensitive business information. Popular among the finance, healthcare, government, and retail industries worldwide, a bare metal server can help organizations meet and adhere to strict compliance regulations and upgrade their level of security instantly.

Another key benefit of using bare metal hosting over shared hosting is that dedicated serves can better handle big data processing and complex applications. So if your business requires sheer performance and speed to support applications and heavy workloads, then bare metal servers might be the right fit for you!

For a hyper-secure, dedicated and performance-based website hosting plan, talk to our team at CloudAsia today about our bare metal server packages.