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  • .com $ 11.99
  • .org $ 20.99
  • .net $ 19.99
  • .asia $ 124.99
  • .info $ 30.99
  • .cloud $ 34.99

As a leading website hosting provider, we also help our clients find the perfect domain name for their business. With our innovative domain name search box, you can easily secure a domain name that reflects your brand and business.

Simply find a domain name by typing into the domain name search box below. Available domain names will then be shown in the results, as well as those which are already taken. Should you wish to purchase a domain name that is already being used by someone else, contact our team. We can then proactively work on your behalf to acquire your ideal domain name. You also have the opportunity to transfer an existing domain name to CloudAsia so that we can provide secure and affordable hosting for your website.


For organizations small and large, it’s a great alternative to .com.



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The most common and popular top level domain available.



/ yr

Recommended domain for technology related businesses and projects.



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Personalize your online presence with .ME



/ yr

What better place for your virtual presence than a .digital domain name?



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How To Choose A Domain Name

Since a great domain name will form a key part of your business, it’s important to take your time. Once you’ve chosen a domain name, it can be difficult and time-consuming to change it in the future. While it is possible to change an existing domain name, doing so can mean losing a lot of traffic and dealing with unnecessary downtime. So, don’t rush this process!

Generally speaking, you should choose a domain name that is memorable, easy to pronounce and type, and that reflects what your brand or business is about. It is also best practice to avoid domain names that are long, complicated, or too specific, as this can limit your ability to scale.

Should you need any help when it comes to domain name search or selecting a unique domain name for your business, feel free to contact our team. We would be more than happy to help you find a domain name that is right for you!

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